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How an SMS Template Generator Helps You Launch Campaigns Faster

Don’t let writer’s block slow your roll on your next text message marketing campaign. Launch sooner with our SMS template generator and start off on the right foot with ideas from other successful businesses in your industry.

Instead of sifting through hundreds of text message ideas, you’ll get a carefully curated list of business SMS templates that you can copy and customize to fit your branding. You can spend that time you saved on the more important tasks that keep your business running smoothly.

To get your SMS templates, click the blue Get Started button at the top of the page.

How to Use This Text Template Generator

In three quick steps, we’ll gather details about your brand and the campaign you’re creating so we can select the right templates for you. Here’s what you can expect 👇

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Campaign

Select your industry from the first drop-down list. Don’t see your industry? We’re adding new templates every week, so bookmark this tool and check back soon.

Then select the terms you typically use in your text messages from the next drop-down. You can add as many as you’d like.

Step 2: Share Specifics Terms You’d Like Us To Include

Remember those terms you just selected from the drop-down in step 1? Now, tell us how you’d like to refer to them. For example, if you chose the term “Sale,” you’d enter what kind of sale it is (like “spring clearance sale”).

You’ll see an example of what your templates might look like in the phone preview.

Step 3: Choose The Perfect Message For Your Customers

Your SMS templates are ready 🎉 Click or tap below each text message to copy them.

If you don’t have an SMS marketing service provider, click Send with SimpleTexting to see how easy it is to schedule and send your text message campaigns. You can test drive our platform free for 14-days, no credit card or contract required.

Example Text Message Templates
for Business

The SMS Template Generator provides text messages for 12 industries (and counting). Take a peek at some of our sample templates.

Automotive SMS Templates
Get campaign ideas for your dealership’s next sale or promotion.
"Don't wait for Black Friday — our deals are happening now! Get huge discounts on all vehicles."
"Don't let the heat slow you down. Beat the Summer rush and schedule your AC check-up today!"
Accounting SMS Templates
Remind customers about upcoming tax deadlines and the services you provide for a stress-free tax season.
“Tax season doesn't have to be stressful. Let us take care of your taxes so you can focus on the things that matter most.”
SMS Templates for Home Services
Advertise your consultative services and help keep your customers up to date on home maintenance with SMS reminders.
“Hey there, is it time for your annual furnace maintenance check? Let us take care of it for you. Reply to schedule now.”
Dentistry SMS Templates
Stay top of mind with dentistry service text messages by promoting the services you specialize in.
“Did you know we offer sedation dentistry? Let us help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your dental procedures. Schedule a consultation now.”
SMS Templates for E-commerce
Drive more revenue with SMS announcements about upcoming promotions and sales and check in on contacts after their purchase.
“Happy Mother's Day! Celebrate with us and get exclusive discounts on our top-selling products. Shop now and spread the joy.”
Recruiting SMS Templates
Attract qualified candidates to your open job roles with personalized text message invitations.
“Hey Olivia, we wanted to follow up on the job interview we had with you. We were impressed with your skills and would like to move forward.”
Real Estate SMS Templates
Effortlessly schedule property viewings and engage prospective buyers or tenants with personalized text message invitations.
“Hi Mark! I’ve got you down for a showing at 2683 Birch Street on 11.11.2023. Does that still work for you?”
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SimpleTexting’s AI Assist Will Write Your Texts for You

Templates are great and all. But what if I told you SimpleTexting’s SMS software automagically writes text messages for you? 🤯 I’m imagining some big smiles, happy dances, and sighs of relief.

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What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

I’m so glad you asked 😉

71% of Your Customers Already Subscribe to SMS Marketing From Other Businesses

In a recent study we conducted (with 1,400+ participants), the majority of consumers said they currently subscribe to text messaging from businesses. That’s a nearly 15% increase from 2021.

Long story short: Your customers are open to receiving texts from your awesome business, too.

98% of Your Texts Will Get Attention (Compared To <17% of Emails)

Nearly every text you send will get opened. Compare that against aggregated data that suggests only 16.97% of your emails will get opened.

To sum it up: Your SMS contacts want to engage with your business through text messaging.

86% of Your Competitors Are Taking Advantage of Text Marketing’s Incredible Growth

It might seem like there’s a new marketing channel to research, strategize, implement, and analyze pretty much all the time. Texting is here to stay. It’s easy to start. And it’s a pretty minimal time investment.

And businesses like yours are loving their results.

In short: Businesses like yours are already using SMS marketing and loving their results.

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